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Sold Loughnatousa Horse Photos

Sold Loughnatousa Horse Photos

Please feel free to send us a photo of your Loughnatousa horse or pony if you would like us to add it to our website.
We enjoying hearing from owners about their partnerships with our horses and their competition successes.

Caroline Dowd & Raw Deal
(Loughnatousa Chester)

Loughnatousa Jimbo
& John Crippen

Holly Hayman & Loughnatousa Bono

Loughnatousa Raven
& John Crippen

Loughnatousa Diamond
& John Crippen

Loughnatousa Rafa
& John Crippen

Loughnatousa Jimbo
& John Crippen

Loughnatousa Oolite & Abi Walters

Loughnatousa Napolean
& Abi Walters

Loughnatousa Gorsebridge
& Abi Walters

Loughnatousa Max & Alyssa Estes

Loughnatousa Inksy & Catherine Ibsen

Loughnatousa Quiz & Katja Leskinin

Loughnatousa Bono & Brian Shook

Loughnatousa Red Rock & Abi Walters

Loughnatousa Patch & Shelley Jones

Limerick & Sarah Gray
(Loughnatousa Enigma)

Loughnatousa Question
& Rebecca Larson

Loughnatousa Louise (

Loughnatousa Falcon
& Mark Beecher

Loughnatousa Bruno
& Diane Beecher

Loughnatousa Raven
& Fiona Beecher

Loughnatousa Painted Step & Brian Shook

Loughnatousa Silver Touch & Paul Beecher

Loughnatousa Step Too
1998 Gelding by Naheez
Robin Walker trains and competes out of Maute House Farm in Grass Lake, MI.
Robin is a USEA Level 3 Certified Instructor and is a member of the ICP teaching faculty.

Loughnatousa Diamond
Gelding by Spring Diamond

Loughnatousa Spainard

1997 Gelding by Puissance

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