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Loughnatousa, Ireland

The Loughnatousa Yard is situated in the countryside on 130 acres in Co. Waterford and is home to the Beecher Family and no less than 100 horses. There is a total of 45 stables with 17 of them situated in an American style barn. The facilities include an indoor lunging ring, an indoor school, a jumping paddock, and a horse walker. There is always a wide selection of young and made horses, most of which are in training and are for sale. The Beechers have sold Loughnatousa horses throughout Europe and the United States and many have gone on to represent their countries in International competition with great success at events such as Badminton, Burghley, Rolex, and the World Games.

Paul Beecher & Loughnatousa WB, Hickstead Winners 2012

Tadhg Beecher & Loughnatousa Harvery, Tramore 2011

Paul Beecher & Loughnatousa Anton, Royal Dublin 2011

Paul Beecher & Loughnatousa Stitch (pinto)

Fiona Beecher & Loughnatousa Raven

Paul & WB, Hickstead 2012

Tadhg Beecher & Loughnatousa Lenord
1.90m Anglish High Jump

Mark Beecher, Willowdale 2010

Mark Beecher, Shawan 2011

Loughnatousa Sales Horses

Paul Beecher & Loughnatousa WB, 2011 Hickstead Derby

There are many promising young horses starting work in Ireland and even more experienced show horses competing throughout Europe. All of them are bred & selected to excel in the disciplines of eventing, show jumping, field hunting and dressage. They are individually chosen based on the quality of their blood, conformation, althleticism, soundess, and temperament providing all the necessary traits for the development of top performance horses.

Loughnatousa horses are carefully matched with customers based on each customers' personal requirements to produce successful competition partners and beloved companions. Please contact us with any questions that you may have about our horses.

Loughnatousa Field Hunters

Loughnatousa always has a field of seasoned fox hunters available for purchase in Ireland. Please contact us for more information.

Tim Beecher

Tim got his start in the equine industry at age twenty training racehorses in Australia where he turned out 6 winners before returning to Ireland to set up his own farm. He has since bred, bought, and trained numerous National and International horses and trained riders including his own children to the International levels.

Tim Beecher in the Loughnatousa Yard

Loughnatousa Pony Jumpers

Fiona Beecher, at age 15 & Loughnatousa Andy broke the high jump record at the Cavan International Pony Show by jumping 1.80m, almost 6 feet! Fiona also won the 6 bar with Loughnatousa Falcon and the Grand Prix with Loughnatousa Gold Touch. Cavan Grand Slam!

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